Ukraine claims strike on Russia’s top fighter jet

In a significant escalation, Ukraine claims to have destroyed a cutting-edge Su-57 fighter jet belonging to Russia. 

On Sunday, Ukraine’s military intelligence agency (GUR) announced that it had targeted a Su-57 stationed at the Akhtubinsk airfield in Russia’s Astrakhan region, nearly 600 kilometers from the current warzone.

The Su-57, which entered service in late 2020, is Russia’s most advanced fighter jet, boasting stealth capabilities and designed to replace older Soviet-era aircraft. 

GUR considers this a historic event, marking the first-ever destruction of a Su-57. 

Satellite images released by the agency purport to show damage and debris surrounding a Su-57 on the airfield.

While Ukraine has frequently targeted Russian military installations using drones, including those deep within Russian territory, the method used in this alleged attack remains unclear. 

The GUR did not claim direct responsibility nor disclose the weapon used. Conversely, on Saturday, Russia reported shooting down three drones over the Astrakhan region.

The veracity of Ukraine’s claim remains unconfirmed by independent sources, and Russia has yet to comment on the alleged attack. 

However, if confirmed, it would mark a major development in the ongoing war, potentially impacting Russia’s airpower and adding to escalating tensions.

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