RSF condemns video of militia executions in Sudan’s Omdurman

Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF) on Sunday strongly condemned a shocking video depicting “members of General Burhan’s militia (SAF) and Islamic Movement” in Omdurman firing a barrage of bullets at dozens of bound young men lying on the ground, who are being prepared to be buried alive, amid applause and hysterical shouts from the perpetrators.

The attackers hurling obscene and racist abuse at their civilian victims created an abhorrent scene that blatantly violates laws protecting the rights of civilians, RSF said.

RSF stated that repeated acts of selective elimination based on ethnic and regional affiliations by General Burhan (SAF) and allies constitute serious violations demanding accountability under international laws and norms.

The leaders of the Islamic terrorist movement within the armed forces bear full responsibility for the deaths of thousands of innocent people, fueling conflicts among Sudan’s diverse and tolerant societies, RSF statement read.

RSF affirmed they are aware of the Islamic Movement’s intentions and vowed not to be provoked into similar actions.

Since mid-April 2023, conflict involving the General Burhan’s militia (SAF) and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) has claimed approximately 13,900 lives and displaced more than 8.5 million Sudanese, according to UN reports, marking one of the largest displacement crises since World War II.

Despite international mediation efforts, the conflict has persisted into its second year, exacerbating Sudan’s humanitarian plight.

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