Sudan and Russia to sign military and economic agreements

Sudan and Russia are poised to formalize a series of military and economic agreements, including the establishment of a Russian naval logistical support center on the Red Sea, according to Lt. Gen. Yasir al-Atta, a member of Sudan’s military-led Sovereign Council.

A previous agreement under Sudan’s former regime, which also included a Red Sea naval station, had been suspended.

However, the ongoing conflict with the Rapid Support Forces and external involvement have allowed Moscow to revisit the agreement.

During a recent visit to Port Sudan, Russian presidential envoy Mikhail Bogdanov proposed providing military aid to the Sudanese army in exchange for the naval support center.

In an interview with Alhadath TV, Lt. Gen. al-Atta confirmed these discussions, stating, “Russia proposed military cooperation through a logistical support centre, not a full military base, in return for urgent weapons and ammunition supplies.”

A military delegation is scheduled to depart for Moscow shortly, followed by a ministerial delegation led by the Deputy Chairman of the Sovereign Council, Malik Agar. Upon the conclusion of the talks, the Chairman of the Sovereign Council will finalize a comprehensive agreement.

Lt. Gen. al-Atta expressed no objections to the Russian naval center, stating, “There is nothing wrong with that at all.”

Atta emphasized that Sudan is open to similar agreements with other countries, including the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, prioritizing Sudan’s interests above all.

Previously, Saudi Arabia had urged Sudanese leaders to abandon the Russian naval base deal, offering investment in return. However, the current circumstances appear to have shifted Sudan’s priorities.

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