Guinea media regulators in court for defaming junta leaders

Two media regulators in Guinea, Djene Diaby and Tawel Camara, were jailed and charged with defamation after accusing media heads of bribery.

This incident adds fuel to concerns over a media crackdown by the ruling military junta.

The accusations stemmed from comments made by Diaby and Camara on June 12th, where they alleged owners of media outlets banned in May received money from the junta in exchange for favorable coverage.

Despite the claims, the media organizations continued criticizing the military leadership, ultimately leading to their ban.

Diaby and Camara were detained in Conakry’s central prison after facing defamation charges against the head of state.

They appeared in court on Wednesday, apologizing and admitting they lacked evidence for their claims.

The trial was then adjourned until the following day.

The two commissioners had previously expressed harsh opinions about the junta, describing them as unconcerned with legality and willing to do anything to retain power.

Following their comments, the media regulator, HAC, suspended Diaby and Camara for misconduct.

Directors of the banned media groups, including Hadafo Medias, Djoma Media, and Frequence Medias, announced legal action against the commissioners.

This incident highlights the broader issue of stifled opposition voices since the 2021 coup that overthrew President Alpha Conde.

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