Heavy rains and flooding claim 8 lives in South Africa’s Cape Town

Officials in Cape Town reported on Tuesday that eight individuals, including four children, lost their lives due to electrocution following heavy rains that led to flooding in the South African city.

The fatalities occurred in two informal settlements on the outskirts of the southern port city, as reported by the disaster risk management unit.

“Unfortunately, the Disaster Operations Centre has had confirmation of eight fatalities caused by electrocution,” city authorities said.

Local media reports suggested that the electrocutions were a result of illegal electricity connections.

Many residents in the affected areas live in makeshift homes constructed from corrugated iron sheets and other basic materials.

Cape Town has been battered by heavy rains over the past couple of days.

An assessment of the damage is still underway, but nearly 1,000 structures have been affected by flooding, and numerous people have been evacuated, according to the city.

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