Islamic police in Northern Nigeria arrest TikTok influencer

The Islamic police in Kano state, Nigeria, have apprehended a prominent female TikToker, Murja Ibrahim Kunya, for allegedly sharing “indecent and un-Islamic” content on the popular social media platform.

Two weeks ago, the Islamic police unit, known as Hisbah, initiated a manhunt for six TikTok users accused of consistently violating Islamic guidelines in their social media activities.

According to Lawal Fagge, a spokesperson for Hisbah, Murja Ibrahim Kunya was taken into custody in the early hours of Tuesday, accompanied by her boyfriend. Fagge mentioned that neighbors had previously reported concerns about her behavior, prompting the investigation.

Ms. Kunya is accused of using explicit language in her videos, viewed by millions.

While she has not officially responded to the allegations, an unverified video circulating on social media features her expressing gratitude for not having stolen anything.

The Hisbah head, Aminu Daurawa, had previously announced the manhunt, stating that the TikTok users had disregarded previous warnings to modify their content. Kano, with a predominantly Muslim population, operates under an Islamic legal system alongside secular law in the state.

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