Somali army kills 30 Al-Shabaab terrorists in central region

The Somali National Army, in collaboration with international partners, announced the killing of 30 members of terrorist Al-Shabaab militants in a military operation on Wednesday in the Galmudug regional state, according to the Ministry of Media.

This operation comes as the armed forces, in cooperation with popular resistance, intensify their operations against extremist militias in areas in southern and central regions of Somalia.

The National Army, in collaboration with popular resistance and international partners, has succeeded in undermining the capabilities of extremist militias and liberating more than 80 cities and regions in the country through these military operations.

It is worth mentioning that the national army has recently intensified military operations to eliminate the remnants of the extremist Al-Shabaab militias from the few remaining areas.

Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has recently declared a military offensive against Al-Shabaab to eradicate the Al Qaeda-linked group within the next five months.

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