Ethiopian militias invade Sudanese territory

Armed Ethiopian militias have launched a renewed incursion into Sudanese territory, penetrating 15 kilometers into the Al-Fashqa border region.

The militias’ invasion has led to escalating violence, looting, and attacks on farmers and herders.

General Burhan’s military (SAF), which had reclaimed about 90% of Al-Fashqa since 2020, is now confronting a resurgence of Ethiopian aggression.

Military sources reported the militias targeting Sudanese herders, resulting in one death and the theft of hundreds of cattle.

In Quraysha locality, livestock owner Abdallah Ahmed reported the armed theft of 140 sheep. He warned of severe consequences if the violence continues unchecked, noting the militias’ attempts to prevent Sudanese farmers from cultivating their lands during the rainy season.

This escalation comes amid Sudan’s internal conflict, further straining military resources and exacerbating security concerns along the border.

The lack of adequate protection has left farmers and herders vulnerable to the militias’ growing threat.

Local residents are urgently calling for intervention from the Sudanese government and the international community to address the crisis in Al-Fashqa and ensure the safety of those in the border region.

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