Malik Agar: The war in Sudan will end at the negotiation table

Malik Agar, the Deputy Head of Sudan’s Sovereign Council on Tuesday emphasized the need for a caretaker government, given that the conflict between the involved parties has extended into its fifth month.

“At the end of the day, this war will end at a negotiating table,” said Agar, in a potential softening of the army’s stance, citing the hardships citizens have endured.

Agar mentioned that the government’s immediate priority is to end the ongoing war, and the subsequent phase after the war will be focused on the reconstruction and revitalization of state institutions.

He urged for an all-encompassing dialogue involving all political and civilian activists in the country without exclusions. Agar also stressed the importance of concluding the violence by forming a unified national army.

The United Nations warned on Tuesday that more than one million people have fled Sudan to neighbouring states and people inside the country are running out of food and dying due to a lack of proper healthcare after four months of war.

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