US diplomats: Sudan is facing a scenario of collapse

American diplomats have warned of a scenario of state collapse in Sudan if the fighting between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) continues.

Former US Special Envoy to Sudan, Donald Booth, stated that four months of fighting between the two sides had caused a “catastrophe in the country.”

Booth emphasized the urgency of stopping the war, stating that “stopping the fighting is essential to save the Sudanese people from their suffering.”

However, he noted that it does not seem that the army or the RSF are ready to cease the fighting and engage in dialogue with each other and representatives of the Sudanese people on how to achieve peace.

He also believed that if the war continued, Sudan would face a bleak future of poverty and a threat to national unity.

Former Director of the Office of the US Special Envoy to Sudan, Cameron Hudson, warned of a scenario similar to Libya and the expansion of the conflict’s scope.

Hudson stated that “the continuation of fighting and the inability of either party to achieve a decisive victory will lead to the country’s continued trajectory, creating a scenario of state collapse similar to Libya. If this happens, it will lead to exporting instability in the entire region with a potential risk of the crisis expanding to the Red Sea coast.”

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